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Say what?

Yes, cow-pooling. Lets face it, cows are big, they are also delicious, but really big! It would sure be nice if you could buy one from a local farmer. It would be super nice if that cow was grass-fed , pasture raised and processed in a clean facility.  But the problem with buying a cow is that in order to eat the cow, it needs to be butchered all at once. But thanks to Cow-pooling we can now buy that cow, cut up it to nice individually wrapped (in butcher paper) pieces of delicious and healthy grass-fed beef and share it with our friends!

Cow-pooling is the act of a group of people getting together to buy a cow. They collectively have the cow slaughtered and butchered. The result is full freezers at a huge discount to grocery store prices. And just not any beef, but high quality, local, humanely raised beef. It is win win.

Okay, so you want in has steps to tell you how to do it

But here is the deal, we will do steps 1-3 (all of them) for you!

Still not sold on Cow-pooling?

Do you know where your food comes from?

We have all heard the horrors of factory farming and the benefits of pasturing and naturally raising, but do you really know where you food is coming from? Also, how far did it have to travel? And in today’s market, whose pocket are you lining? Why not know the quality and source of your food. And- support local sustainable farming!


I am ready, sign me up!

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How much does it cost per pound?

Between $5-7.50. We sell by portion of cow- whole cow, half, quarter and eighth. An average cow will yield 500-600 lbs.  As with many items, the more you buy, the price is less.

SAMPLE PRICES (Includes all fees)

  • Whole Cow: $2100-$2400
  • Half Cow: $1300-1600
  • Quarter Cow: $750-950
  • Eighth Cow: $400-600

How do you calculate your price?

  • Cow Weight on the hoof x Market price + premium for grassfed and pasturing ($2.50-3.50 per pound)
  • Slaughter Cost (typically $75-$100)
  • Butchering Cost (typically $.50 per pound)
  • Deliver cost (varies)

Total Cost/ Total weight of deliverable meat

Why can you not quote me a price?

The price per pound is depend on a lot of factors. The local market drives the price of the cow. In addition to that, there are fluctuations in the price of slaughter and butchering. Other factors are deliver cost and the total number of people in the pool. The number of people drives the size of the cow. Smaller cows cost more.


When do I get I get my meat?

We communicate aggressively with our “pool”. We are buying a cow. All of that meat must be called for before we will take the cow to slaughter. Once the pool is established, slaughter, packing and delivery takes three weeks.

What cuts do I get?

We equally distribute all cut among the pool. You will get a combination of steaks such as (T-bones sirloins,etc) roasts, and ground beef. Basically you will get a combination of the meet you see at an average butcher shop

How much meat should I order?

A rough estimate is 120 pounds of meat per adult. That is based on our personal experience of two people  sharing 200 pounds of beef from a cow-pool. 200 lbs lasted the two of us 7 months.

What if even an Eighth of a Cow is too much for me?

We want everyone to enjoy the benefits (health and cost) of eating premium beef. Therefore, we highly suggest you organize your friends and family and get the largest portion of cow possible– even if you can fit an 1/8 in your freezer. This does a couple of things- 1. lowers your cost-2. you are giving the gift of healthy eating at a huge discount to grocery store prices to your loved ones!

Is the meat USDA approved?

The beef from this cow-pool is not USDA approved. The meat will be stamped with “NOT FOR RESALE”. However, all of the farms, slaughter and butcher facilities do process meat that is USDA, therefore the facilities do met the standards set by the USDA. The meat is not commercial sold, that is why the meet is not certified. You can ensure that we only work with farmers, slaughter houses, and butchers that practice to top quality processes to ensure safety and humane treatment of the beef which exceeds that required by the USDA.

How much freezer space do I need

A typical freezer in a refrigerator completely empty will hold about 20-30 pounds. A small box freezer- 6.0 cuft will hold about 120 lbs.

Why do I have to pre pay

Cow pooling is a collective effort. The commitment of all party is required. The most certain way to ensure commitment is to ask for the monetary backing. We collect payment before slaughter to protect everyone in the pool.

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  2. $5 to $7 a pound doesnt beat a sale at whole foods…

    • Sara,

      I have seen ground beef for around $5 to $7 a pound at whole foods. However when you buy a cow you get much more than ground beef. I have never seen T-bones or Ribeye steaks for $5 to $7 a pound (please tell me which WH you shop at), it more like $19 to $20 a pound. The same is true for roasts which sell for $8 to $10 a pound at WH. So $5 to $7 a pound is a great deal when you receive ground beef, roast, and steaks.

  3. Love this, I am big fan! Paleo diet FTW!

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